Welcome, weary wanderer.

I'm a game designer currently based in the Netherlands, specialising in narrative and level design. I have a passion for creating immersive gaming experiences and love working with like-minded people.


Age of Wonders: Planetfall

I worked as a narrative & quest designer, creating engaging and interesting quests for the various factions in the game. I also worked on single-player campaigns and helped bring the game up to a high quality of English.

Bolt Storm

Strategy based dungeon crawler. Command your army to defeat the evils that lie in wait. You might just pick up some awesome loot on the way. For this project, I work as a level designer and economy designer. I created 6 main levels and contributed to the overall vision of the game.


High-octane twin-stick shooter. You are Kameko, a powerful super soldier sent into an industrial complex to destroy a sinister terrorist group. For this project, I was design lead. My duties included task distribution to other team members and holding the overall vision for the game.

Project R.I.A.S

Sci-Fi puzzle platformer. Dr. Peters must use all of her experimental powers to escape the laboritory where she has been kept prisoner. This way my first game project and I worked on it as a level and gameplay designer.

Bar Bury 'Em

Low-poly tower defence game. You are the King, and it is your job to keep the plundering barbarians at bay. Will you be able to save your town and your treasure? For this project I was design lead, focusing on the overall vision and direction of the project.


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